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Why is the Virtual Finance Office (VFO) suitable to you ?
As an entrepreneur, you have to focus on business development, Operations, Customer priorities & delivery of products/services.  
At Iris, we manage your finance professionally a Virtual Finance Office concept and offer you all the below facilities that can save you time, money and bring peace in managing your business finance, taxes and compliances.
“You manage your Business” 
“We manage your finance”
  • IRIS VFO provides you with a complete finance team that is required for you to manage your whole business finances.
  •  IRIS VFO team is specially trained, skilled and led by professionals to handle all complexities.  The team is trained to handle international transactions, advise on the applicable compliances on complex transactions.
  •  IRIS VFO can help you set up workflows, business processes from finance and controls point of view and implement necessary technologies to manage finance operations.
  •  IRIS VFO team can manage your banking, receivables, payables and such other transactions with utmost care and integrity.
  •  IRIS VFO offers you customised reports suitable to the management and the business needs at required intervals
  •  IRIS VFO is one place for all your compliances as we manage various routine compliance activities applicable for your business through our internal teams and also the network of associates across many locations.
  •  IRIS VFO can offer you support to co-ordinate with your bankers, vendors on transactional matters;
  •  Finally, IRIS VFO offers you affordable rates, for a professionally managed finance function for your entire business in India.
  •  Iris also offers premium services like Financial Planning & Analysis, Budgeting, Financial Review, Review with Management on finances, Management reports to global teams, Financial Due Diligences and preparation for future investments.
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