Auditing and Assurance

Our auditing and assurance services include Financial Statement Audit, Compliance and Single Audit, Performance Audit, Employee Benefit Plan Audit, risk assurance, third party attestation, and more. The main purpose is to increase your investors’ confidence in you and make sure your business gains value.

We stick to open communications and personalized assistance for effective outcomes. We have on-board highly knowledgeable and experienced in everything they do. They use state-of-the-art technologies, data analytics, and global resources to ensure all the regulations are followed properly and your accounting staff is doing you good. We’ll help you get in the right direction.

Auditing the financial statements and providing assurance to all the stakeholders about the financial health of the Company is a pre-requisite for a business. It is not only a statutory requirement but also ethical for a company to be transparent about its functioning. We at CPI provide auditing and assurance services throughout the globe with an association in 100+ countries giving utmost importance to quality

Flagging off issues earlier helps the Management in better resolving those issues.


  • Statutory audit
  • Internal audit
  • Audit of Internal controls
  • Tax audit
  • Attest functions
  • IFRS advisory
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